MEET MAGENTO INDONESIA 2020: Driving Digital Transformation Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow

On September 17th, 2020, ICUBE by SIRCLO hosted the fifth Meet Magento Indonesia, an annual global e-commerce event aiming at connecting Magento enthusiasts worldwide. This year’s Meet Magento Indonesia was held virtually by ICUBE and powered by SIRCLO following the merger between the two companies back in May 2020. The event brought together 25 speakers, 150+ merchants, and more than 500 online attendees ranging from university students, business owners, and software engineers in one room to learn and connect.

Meet Magento itself is a series of conferences held worldwide, focusing on business, e-commerce, the Magento platform and its regional ecosystem. In addition to Indonesia, this event is held in more than 40 countries across the globe including the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland. As one of the most promising markets in Southeast Asia, Indonesia becomes an exciting arena for e-commerce merchants to learn and experiment. Consequently, the holding of this conference is deemed important to further advance the Indonesian e-commerce industry.

The theme “Digital Transformation, Tomorrow, Today” was chosen in response to the challenges and opportunities faced by all kinds of businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In June 2020, global traffic recorded an increase up to 57% in order count and 75% in page views on e-commerce sites, compared to that on the same period last year. In Indonesia alone, we see an estimated 12 million new users starting to shop online, as suggested by RedSeer. This resulted in a surge of online transactions up to 400% during this pandemic, according to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. This data shows that, while customer’s access to physical stores is limited, the pandemic doesn’t stop them from shopping. However, it has definitely changed the way they shop.

As more and more brands shift their business to the online realm, the need for a swift digital transformation spiked like none we have witnessed before. The demand to create an impeccable customer experience hence become both a challenge and an opportunity for all players involved in the e-commerce ecosystem. Thus this year’s theme becomes even more relevant for business owners and solutions providers alike to transform their business operations and keep the economy running.

“For businesses affected by the pandemic situation, there are no other options but to join the digital transformation,” said Roy Mandey, Chairman of APRINDO (Indonesian Retailers’ Association) during the opening of the Business Track session. “We need to bring change. One of the ways is to adopt the omnichannel method, or how we can be present in the face of consumers virtually. For example, through email marketing, affiliate marketing and website,” he added.

Hosted by the Founder of ICUBE and CTO of SIRCLO, Muliadi Jeo, the event is divided into three tracks, namely Business, Technical and Solution tracks. Each of them offers several seminars and panel discussions to address some hot topics surrounding Magento, omnichannel, digital marketing strategy, and more. To cover those topics in multiple angles, we invited keynote speakers from various industries; digital agency represented by Brent Peterson (Chief Commerce Evangelist of Wagento Creative), e-commerce enabler by Danang Cahyono (COO of SIRCLO), online marketer by Matthew McClelland (Partnerships Manager of dotdigital SE Asia), and shipping solutions provider represented by Karen Baker (Founder and CEO of ShipperHQ). Furthermore, Erwin Tanujaya (CEO of Midtrans) attended as a Keynote speaker, as well as Vikrant Shukla (Business Solution Architect of Adobe) and Daisy Carolina (Channel Partnership of Google) from the technological industry who also shared their knowledge through sharing sessions on the event.

“One of the most exciting parts of the Meet Magento event is the chance to meet with new people and to network together. Yet due to the pandemic, we have to hold our event online,” remarked Muliadi Jeo as Meet Magento Indonesia 2020’s host. “Fortunately, attendees were able to experience that through a virtual event platform that allows us to network with one another, on top of attending session hearings from our great speakers from all over the world.”

In the spirit of connecting people and exchanging knowledge, the event was designed to be interactive albeit hosted virtually for the first time; enabling participants to visit booths where exhibitors display their product innovations and solutions to empower the e-commerce ecosystem. Some of these exhibitors include Magento Commerce, dotdigital, Midtrans, ODI Netsuite, Indodana, AiSensum, Biznet and APRINDO as the event sponsors. Interacting with exhibitors and connecting with other attendees become easier as swapping business cards is only a few clicks away.

During the session hearings, brands powered by Magento across various industries illustrated Magento’s contribution in building and amplifying their online presence effectively.

“We decided to use Magento because it has a good framework; it is easily customized and its capability is long-term,” explained Indra Setiawan, International and Business Development Director at PT. Duta Abadi Primantara. “When we launched our new website powered by Magento in 2019, we strived to build a good customer experience. As a result, we were able to experience a more notable increase in our sales through the platform in comparison to the previous year,” he further elaborated.

Jamie Maria Schousen (Deity), Jisse Reitsma (Yireo), Eric Erway (Adobe, Magento), and Miguel Ignacio Balparda (Nexcess) as speakers of the Technical track panel discussion

Co-hosting Meet Magento Indonesia for the first time, Brian Marshal as the Founder and CEO of SIRCLO asserted:

“SIRCLO is honoured to be given the opportunity to work together with Magento through ICUBE to hold Meet Magento Indonesia 2020. With the underlying mission to advance Indonesia’s e-commerce technology, we hope the event was able to enlighten our audience on the need for businesses to take part in this digital transformation— especially since the pandemic has made that a necessity to survive.”

About Meet Magento Indonesia

Meet Magento Indonesia offers global e-commerce experts, decision makers, merchants, and developers an opportunity to discuss the most defining trends in e-commerce and Magento-based businesses. Meet Magento is an event-series that is organized in more than 40 countries including the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland. 2020 marks its fifth holding in Indonesia, organised by ICUBE and powered by SIRCLO. Visit for more information.


ICUBE is an agency providing technology and e-commerce solutions for retail businesses. As Magento Premier Solutions Partner in Indonesia since 2010, ICUBE has launched and managed more than 100 Magento-based sites and launched Swift products to meet e-commerce and omnichannel needs for medium-sized businesses. ICUBE is trusted by local and international-based clients, including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, America and Hong Kong which include big brands such as Kawan Lama, Krisbow, KlikMRO, 9to9 Online, Hush Puppies, L’Occitane, Elemis, Venchi, Erha Store, Nutrimart, Eiger Indonesia, Royal Canin, Mitra10, Lotte Mart, and many more.

In May 2020, ICUBE officially merged with SIRCLO, a leading e-commerce enabler solution in Indonesia. The merger action combined thousteands of their clients, while bringing together the strengths of both parties to help more businesses and brands carry out an effective and efficient digital transformation.

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