SIRCLO and ICUBE Merger: Targeting to Become Indonesia’s #1 E-Commerce Enabler

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SIRCLO and ICUBE’s merger is carried out with the purpose of providing more comprehensive technology and e-commerce services to a wider market in Indonesia.

JAKARTA, 8 June 2020 – The Indonesian-based e-commerce enabler company SIRCLO has merged with ICUBE, an agency providing e-commerce technology solutions that has served retail businesses for 20 years. The merger between SIRCLO and ICUBE brings together thousands of clients from various businesses of any size and aims to unite the strengths of both parties, in order to help more MSMEs and large-scale brands that require effective and efficient digital transformation in Indonesia’s e-commerce realm.

The role of e-commerce has become increasingly important and relevant over time, especially in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic encourages more businesses and consumers to rely on online platforms such as e-commerce in buying and selling. At times like this, the presence of integrated and reliable e-commerce technology and solutions is critical, as it becomes the key to success for business owners and brands that sell online through websites or other online sales channels.

Seeing this phenomenon, SIRCLO feels the importance of accelerating its business growth in order to be able to help more MSMEs and enterprise brands to survive in the midst of a pandemic. Choosing the right partner such as ICUBE is a major factor in determining this. Founded in 2003, ICUBE provides custom e-commerce solutions in the form of to medium scale businesses. In 2010, ICUBE became the Magento Premier Solutions Partner, to help more retail brands enter the e-commerce realm. In 2017, they launched a product called Swift, a technology service to meet e-commerce needs on an omnichannel basis.

SIRCLO’s CEO and Founder Brian Marshal, and Muliadi Jeo, ICUBE’s Founder and Managing Director, have become acquainted for many years. Brian has a gleaming track record in the IT field, specifically in helping businesses sell online through websites and marketplaces with e-commerce enabler services. Meanwhile, Muliadi has more than twenty years of experience in the e-commerce industry on a multinational scale. He has been in the business since the early 2000’s, when e-commerce was still in its infancy stages in America as compared to its development today.

In an effort to improve business capabilities and develop the e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia, Brian also proposed a merger where SIRCLO and ICUBE could complement each other and become strategic partners to reach a wider market, with increasingly integrated e-commerce services.

“As the leading e-commerce enabler in Indonesia, SIRCLO wants to continue to provide the best services and solutions for brands to develop business online. We are always open to opportunities to improve our abilities. When we see the potential to merge with ICUBE, we are increasingly confident that we can carry out this mission on a larger and more comprehensive scale through the combined strengths of the two companies,” Brian Marshal said.

Through this merger, SIRCLO and ICUBE aim to become a service provider of e-commerce solutions through a more comprehensive end-to-end platform in facilitating various types of businesses, in order to become the best in the e-commerce market in Indonesia. So far, the value of SIRCLO’s strength has been focused on big brands and MSMEs. Meanwhile, the value of ICUBE’s strength is focused on medium scale businesses that wish to have and enterprise solutions. With the merger, the two companies amplified their strengths to serve brand and business owners from various walks of life.

“ICUBE is dedicated to making e-commerce more accessible for retailers from various fields of business using Magento technology, an open source e-commerce platform that can help online business owners run sales operations as needed. After 20 years, we want to accommodate more clients from various types of businesses with the services we offer. SIRCLO is the right and strategic partner in achieving these goals. Together we can try to create a prime e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia,” said Muliadi Jeo.

Brian admitted that this merger took place at the right moment, where additional resources would help SIRCLO and ICUBE to serve more MSMEs and brands that needed fast services in the midst of a pandemic. With the combined capabilities, expertise, and experience of the two companies, they are confident that they can provide more satisfying value and service for their clients.

Until now, SIRCLO has helped more than 1,000 clients and brands to develop their business online, both through SIRCLO Store and SIRCLO Commerce (channel management solution). Some of SIRCLO’s portfolios are This Is April, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Beiersdorf, L’Oréal (Group), Eigerindo and Levi’s. Meanwhile, ICUBE is through its solutions that has helped many brands such as Kawan Lama, Krisbow, KlikMRO, 9to9 Online, Hush Puppies, L’Occitane, Elemis, Venchi, Erha Store, Nutrimart, Royal Canin, Mitra10, and Lotte Mart to create a system e-commerce itself.

The merger between SIRCLO and ICUBE will bring together more than 450 employees. ICUBE will continue to operate as an independent entity integrated with the services offered by SIRCLO. Muliadi Jeo from ICUBE will replace Leontius Adhika Pradhana as SIRCLO’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Leontius will take a new position, namely Chief Product Officer (CPO).

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Starting in 2013, SIRCLO is a technology company that provides solutions to help businesses sell online. SIRCLO offers two products: SIRCLO Store and SIRCLO Commerce. SIRCLO Store is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for creating online shop sites for small to medium scale local businesses. Until now, SIRCLO Store has helped almost 1,000 active paid users build their brands and grow their businesses online, such as ATS The Label, Benscrub, Evete Naturals, Namaste Organic, This Is April, and Heytimmy Kidswear.

SIRCLO Commerce is a channel management solution that addresses the needs of corporate brands to enter online distribution channels. Supported by technology that can synchronize sales in various marketplaces, SIRCLO Commerce is trusted by various well-known brands such as Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Beiersdorf, L’Oréal (Group), Eigerindo and Levi’s. See more information about SIRCLO at

ICUBE is an agency providing technology and e-commerce solutions for retail businesses. As Magento Premier Solutions Partner in Indonesia since 2010, ICUBE has launched and managed more than 100 Magento-based sites and launched Swift products to meet e-commerce and omnichannel needs for medium-sized businesses. ICUBE is trusted by local and international-based clients, including Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, America and Hong Kong which include big brands such as Kawan Lama, Krisbow, KlikMRO, 9to9 Online, Hush Puppies, L’Occitane, Elemis, Venchi, Erha Store , Nutrimart, Eiger Indonesia, Royal Canin, Mitra10, Lotte Mart, and many more. See more information about ICUBE at To find out more about SWIFT, visit:

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