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  • Sirclo Subscription

    Your best solution to create a professional template-based online shop.

    Expand Your Reach

    Through a professional online store with attractive appearance, customers are accommodated to visit and your shop 24/7 wherever they are!

    Manage Business with Ease

    With reliable technology in hand, SIRCLO Subscription offers complete and useful features to help your business sells online. From high quality templates to store management, we have got it all covered for you to focus on selling.

  • SIRCLO Premium

    Bringing online store customization to a whole new level

    Strategic Consulting

    Our years of expertise in web design & development allows us to create innovative designs for your successful online business.

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    UI/UX Design

    SIRCLO Premium builds user friendly e-commerce websites with high functionality for all users, allowing an easy, engaging experience between your business and customers.

  • Connexi

    Connecting various online selling channels in one simple platform.

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    Optimize your online business management using one simple platform to get connected to marketplaces as well as other selling channels.

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    Manage your sales activities in multiple channels such as editing product description, pricing, inventory and also monitor your sales movement from a single login.

  • Victoria

    Menangani seluruh operasional e-commerce Anda dengan profesional


    Peluang jualan online semakin besar, tapi Anda perlu memilih dan mengikuti seluruh ketentuan teknisnya. Sekarang cukup duduk dan bersantai karena Victoria akan melakukan itu semua untuk Anda.

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    Tanggapi permintaan konsumen dengan cepat dan tepat. Tim kami dapat diandalkan untuk menangani inventori, pengemasan, hingga pengiriman produk Anda.

Extensive and User-Friendly Features

SIRCLO provides the best features to support your online business activities.
Now you can focus on the very reason of having an online shop: selling.

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High Quality Design

SIRCLO offers a range of attractive website templates to suit your brand character while maintaining its responsiveness and mobile-friendly.

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Integrated Payment System

SIRCLO complements your online store with a payment gateway system which allows bank transfer as well as credit/debit card payments. It is also equipped with a reminder and automatic cancellation system.

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Shipping Calculation

No more hassle to manually calculate the delivery costs, as all domestic and international shipping fees are calculated automatically.

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Marketing Features

SIRCLO offers a variety of marketing tools to boost your online sales: integrated newsletter platform, coupon code, loyalty points, birthday promotions, etc. Treat your customers, double the sales!

Clients are saying

  • SIRCLO bisa memenuhi kebutuhan kami. Customer support SIRCLO juga cepat responnya, karena setiap ada masalah pasti langsung ada feedback-nya. Oke banget pokoknya.

    Millia Gladys

    Millia Gladys


What is the pricing to create an online store?

You may begin with our forever free Starter Plan, or subscribe to paid plan starting from IDR 259.000 per month.

How can I manage my online shop?

Get professional in managing your online shop with our Content Management System (CMS) through Admin Panel.

Will SIRCLO be promoting my brand?

We post our clients profile regularly on website, social media, and newsletter. Besides, your online shop is equipped with marketing features.

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