Easy Checkouts, Soaring Sales: The Revolution of Social Selling

Easy Checkouts, Soaring Sales: The Revolution of Social Selling

Easy Checkouts, Soaring Sales: The Revolution of Social Selling

November 22, 2023

Philips Official Store on Belanjaku.online. Source: SIRCLO.

Indonesian shoppers increasingly use social media for purchases, highlighting the need for brands to enhance the buying journey and streamline checkout.

Indonesia is ranked among the top five countries globally with the highest online purchases in 2022. The impact of social media on reshaping the online shopping landscape in the country cannot be overstated.¹

Recent survey results from Statista shed further light on this burgeoning trend. According to the survey, 86% of Indonesian shoppers have ventured into the realm of social media for their shopping endeavours

Social Media: Beyond Mere Awareness Building 

Social media has become a dynamic force in boosting brand recognition, enabling direct engagement with a broad and diverse audience. 

When a consumer shows interest in a purchase, brands must facilitate the rest of their buying journey, providing a smooth experience to maintain this interest and clinch the sale. Given the substantial advantages offered by social media, brands should leverage it as more than just a marketing tool, but also as a direct sales channel.

According to a 2023 survey by Rakuten Insight in Indonesia, approximately 40% of respondents reported making regular purchases through social media platforms.

However, brands encounter various challenges when attempting to broaden their sales channel on social media.

Streamlining the Path to Purchase

With a significant number of Indonesian consumers keen to make direct purchases on social media channels, the current limitations in transaction functionality create a disconnect between consumer preferences and the availability of said function.

To lessen the gap, brands must adeptly manoeuvre and double down on their  engagement with online consumers.

Seamless Checkout Solutions for Brands of All Scales

Coupled with a substantial 75% cart abandonment rate,⁴ there is a clear demand for a more efficient checkout process. Hence, establishing a direct connection between social media platforms and an easy-to-navigate checkout page is crucial to alleviate the obstacles affecting sales completion.

This is where our checkout page solution comes in, streamlining the journey from browsing to buying, and acting as the final, critical step in the customer’s purchasing process.

By integrating Cekatan or Belanjaku.online into your brand’s digital strategy, you unlock several key advantages:

Parting Words

Leveraging checkout pages, such as Cekatan (Checkout Satu Halaman) and Belanjaku.online, means embarking on a path towards a more data-informed and customer-focused business strategy. 

For SMEs eager to elevate their digital presence, Cekatan offers a streamlined and effective solution. To discover how Cekatan can transform your online business, read the full article here (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Meanwhile, larger enterprise brands seeking a robust and adaptable e-commerce solution will find Belanjaku.online to be an invaluable asset. To explore how Belanjaku.online can enhance your online sales performance, reach out to commerce@sirclo.com for a consultation.

This step could mark the beginning of a new, more successful chapter in your e-commerce journey.